The Site
Fusion 6 Studios© started up in 2003 as a simple web design site which provided tutorials, web services and a place for graphic designers to gather and chat, but now it is so much more as we have strived to become much more focussed on graphic design and providing more in depth services than our competitors. We believe that our sites are built according to best practice web standards to provide the end user as well as the consumer the best value for money.

Our designs and websites are all built from scratch, no templates are used. We also strive to create the customers vision through interaction with the consumer whenever possible to give them the design and vision that they aspire to achieve.

Here at Fusion 6 Studios© we use only the best programs to ensure a smooth working enviroment for both employees and customers alike as we utilize Dreamweaver and Adobe Photoshop CS6 to name a couple.

Our Services
We currently offer:
- Website Design
- Web hosting
- Gallery Designs or Company Brochures
- Pages designed for promotion or banners/buttons
- Graphical Designs of any sort
- Programming for websites and Forums

To further elaborate on our way of working;

When creating the visions of our customers we look to the customer first as we plan out a brainstorm of what kind of corporate image that company is looking for, with that we come up with ideas and present them to our clients for feedback and whichever they feel is the one which will best represent their company is the one we choose.

Websites are now one of the best ways of marketing for companies as the internet is now widely available anywhere and everywhere, therefore increasing your potential customer base by tenfold. Therefore we at Fusion6 Studios believe that high quality websites are a must for any prospering company.

Once the website is complete we do not stop there, we take our designs that one step further and gain critical feedback from the possible audiences who will intercept the website and then indulge upon their feedback further improving the final product which is then complete and uploaded.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us using the Contact form supplied on the Contact page.

This is a list of projects we as Fusion6 Studios have done over the years, from the early days to our most recent work, you can find it all here.
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Live websites
Website layouts
Personal Invitations
Flash Examples

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